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With Flibanserin loosing it's opportunity to become available for usage in the united states recently there is only one product on the market at the current time that has the potential of becoming the coveted Female Viagra. LibiGel a product designed and developed by BioSante is currently in Phase III trials and awaiting completion before submitted to the FDA for approval. As some of you know the FDA denied approval to Flibanserin jsut a few months ago on the basis that it's effectiveness was not enough to justify the potential side effects uncovered during their clinical trials. Will LibiGel clinical trials prove different or follow the same upsetting path? That is a questions we get very often here and with BioSante promising to deliver LibiGel for sale by prescription to post-menopausal women by 2011 women are looking for the most up to date information so we have created this dedicated page to providing the most current LibiGel news. Bookmark or check in often for updates and news.

September 10, 2010 LibiGel News

In recent coverage around LibiGel the gel format testosterone with a unique delivery method is currently in Phase III clinical trials. The trials funded by BioSante (Nasdaq: BPAX) are a follow on to successful Phase I and II trials where efficacy and safety are observed in various clinical testing methods to support the upcoming FDA approval request. Currently in the United States there is no FDA approved pharmaceutical option to treat or aid women experiencing FDS (Female Sexual Dysfunction) or HSDD (Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder) so the first pharma company to get approved will own a very large market since it is reported that over 43% of women experience some sort of lack in female libido or symptoms of FSD.

Will BioSante continue to ride this out alone? According to various reports from reputable news sources their fundamentals point at a potential merger or acquisition. This is a potentially lucrative market for LibiGel but the clinical trials and FDA approval process is very expensive. BioSante may be acquired by another big pharmaceutical company or merge with one rather than fighting for additional funding to continue the support of developing and gaining approval in the US for LibiGel


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