A female Viagra on the way?

You may have read about this product recently as there has been quite the buzz on and off. LibiGel is the latest hormone therapy product being tested for FDA approval by big pharma company BioSante. The race has been on for treatments to resolve female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and hypo sexual desire disorder (HSDD) for quite some time now and this one shows some promise of becoming the first to become approved for medical use in the United States.

LibiGel is actually a testosterone cream therapy with an application system that is proprietary to BioSante. There have been a few other contenders that have attempted to seek success in this medical treatment to increase female libido but none have made it through clinical trials either not showing enough effectiveness or having too many side effects to be found safe for public medical use. So far, according to resources LibiGel is showing that it can be effective with over 200% improvement in clinical studies and so far reports are stating that there have not been any adverse side effects found.

So, a painless delivery method for deliver testosterone hormones into women. Sounds like a blockbuster or another pitfall depending on who you talk to. There are speculations found on internet business boards about the viability of BioSante and their financial status and whether or not they will be able to complete clinical studies. Also, even upon release many women are writing us and letting us know that they'd prefer a natural solution that they can be sure has no impact on the hormonal levels as there has been debate on long term effects regardless of FDA studies.

Will LibiGel be safe?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot speculate on the side effects or safety of LibiGel as we can only rely on statements published by the creator, BioSante. However, one could possibly link attributes of any other hormone therapy to this one as it does use testosterone in a delivery method to help balance levels in women. Most of our readers are very skeptical of using any hormone therapy unless a serious health benefit is to result.

Information on how to buy Libigel

This product has not been approved as of now by the FDA so beware of any site claiming that they can sell the solution as it is not currently legitimate and may be very dangerous to try and find knock off companies selling hormone therapy which does have risks. We will be able to provide more information on how to buy the testosterone gel when it becomes available to us.

A natural substitute

If you have spent some time reading the topics available on our site or browsed the internet looking for ways to improve female libido you will see there has been major advances in the homeopathic industry for natural alternatives to products like LibiGel. There are actually some very effective solutions available today and we hope you take the time to read through our product review section if you are looking for a product like LibiGel.


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