Hormone Therapy

Would you consider hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy also known as hormonal therapy is basically using hormones as a medical treatment for an ailment. First used as a cancer treatment and more often used as a treatment for post-menopausal symptoms in women. The treatment or treatments are also used in gender changes, psychological conditions, hormone deficiencies, and to treat other conditions but the focus on our website is sexual health so we will keep the information in this article revolving around hormone therapy as a treatment or therapy for Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and (or) HSDD Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder.

First, are the risks worth it?

As you are probably aware hormones are natural chemical properties that exist in the female body. The primary hormones that are related to female libido are most commonly recognized to be Testosterone and Estrogen. There is a lot of debate and controversy surrounding the use of these therapies to treat or cure female sexual disorders and there will probably continue to be. In fact, it will probably heat up even more in the coming years as pharmaceutical companies progress their research and potential approval an release for medicinal use in the United States. The debate is around the fact that in certain conditions such as treating cancer or psychological conditions the risks are well balanced with the potential health gains that hormone therapies can offer but in the case of sexual health some doctors are adamant that this approach is not safe or well warranted and see big pharma as purely trying to cash in on the 40 or so million women who are estimated to suffer some sort of decreased libido or lack of sexual desire. However, doctors and therapists are already handing out off-label prescriptions, sometime known as, unapproved use since it is the act of prescribing a medicine or therapy for a purpose other than what the FDA has approved it for. Why you may ask? Because women are doing the research themselves and asking for a treatment and doctors are earning their living in treating patients.

Taking a look at adverse side effects found by researchers including but not limited to:

  • Heart Disease
  • Blood Clots
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Dementia

Not to mention the possibility of deepening voice, excessive hair growth in masculine areas, and other side effects depending on the therapy you may also be in the group that is not willing to support or use a hormone as a medication for improving your intimate life.

What therapies are available today?

Technically, there is not a single therapy approved for medical use in the aid or treatment of either FSD or HSDD today but the race is on within pharmaceutical companies to get one approved. Most hormonal therapies being researched or developed are centered around the use and delivery of Testosterone or Estrogen to treat sexual ailments. Some of the more noteworthy treatments currently being developed or under trial are:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim's Flibanserin aka Girosa is currently under clinical trials to reach an FDA approval.
  • BioSante's LibiGel is also under Phase II clinical trials with statements claiming a possible 2011 FDA approval and release in the US.
  • Palatin's Bremalanotide was a contender but with too many health risks the treatment is being targeted at other health care options.
  • Proctor and Gamble's Intrinsawas denied an FDA approval in the US. It is sold in the UK but was deemed too infective to outweigh the health risks in the US.

There are certainly others that are going to pop up as the market is worth an estimated 30 million dollars a year. We can not know which one will make it to a doctor near you first but we can almost certainly guarantee that the commercials and advertisements will plaster every magazine and woman's outlet available today. Here at Feminine Review we will strive to keep you posted with the most current and accurate information available on the internet. Check back often for updates and news pertaining to hormone therapy.

Should I wait or try some of the natural female libido enhancers?

Well we are not your primary doctor so we cannot make decisions for you but our readers have spoken for themselves and many are turning to the homeopathic route or natural products market and finding great success with less or no side effects. There are typically no FDA approvals on these products as they are not pharmaceutical but rather concoctions of natural ingredients found to have decent results. Feel free to browse through our review section to check out what products our readers are having the most success with and which ones are more hype than help.


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