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Jul 31, 2010. Update. There is major news for those of you waiting for Flibanserin to be approved by the FDA. Early this month the FDA made a decision to not approve the Boehringer Ingelheim drug called the female Viagra. Currently there is only one other drug awaiting approval. Keep tuned in for the most up to date information at Feminine Review

The most updated Flibanserin news on the internet right here at Feminine Review!!!

Well there is certainly a lot of excitement about Boehringer Ingelheim's potential release of Flibanserin or potentially to be known as Girosa. We have had more request for decent information in the last 3 weeks than for anything we've ever written about in the past and with all the fuss there is a mess of information on the internet to be found. We decided to make it a mission to throw up a chronological time line of events tracking from start to finish the history of Flibanserin. I'll make it a personal mission to provide the most data on the following Flibanserin topics:

  • Flibanserin FDA trial results and FDA approval
  • Safety Information
  • Reviews
  • Side effects
  • Scientific Informaiton
  • and anything else related to this potential female Viagra

Please feel free to post comments or email any questions or concerns immediately. Another surprise will be coming soon. We have interviewed a Flibanserin Clinical Trial Patient and will be posting that interview shortly. This is pretty exciting information for a lot of us gals so be sure to bookmark the page and check back soon for the most current up to date information on this product.


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