Female Libido

Understanding Female Libido

Honey, I'm just not in the mood tonight. It's every husband's worst nightmare when they are horny and it's our libido that drives that mood one way or another. The reason you are probably here is because you are looking for a way to female increase libido but before we get to that let's go through some basics here.

Female libido generally refers to female sexual desire or arousal. However, depending on who you talk to its usage can vary from the human psyche to energy chakra. Originally popularized by famed psychologists and scientist such as Freud and Jung most women are less concerned about the science that impacts our libido and rather more focused on how to improve it. Without it none of us would be here today and for centuries it has generated curiosity on how the human body works and interacts with the opposite sex. However, understanding what drives your sexuality and arousal will help you achieve a more beneficial and enjoyable intimate life. Female sexual dysfunction is a very real situation and is only recently being studied by real professionals who are starting to provide real answers and solutions. Since this is the invisible force that gives you the desire and energy to engage in romantic, sensual, or erotic encounters without an abundance of libido you are surely missing out on something in your life whether it's multiple orgasms or simply that special connect with your spouse that we all desire.

What Effects Libido

There are many things that can cause low sex drive or act as a libido booster but we will focus on the easy, yet most impact events and conditions that you, yourself can make changes in lifestyle or additions to diet and supplement and drive.

Contributing Factors

  • Psychological - Depression, Anxiety, Level of Happiness
  • Physical - Energy Levels, Physical Health, Nourishment
  • Chemical - Testosterone Levels, Estrogen Levels, Other Hormones
  • Sexuality - Interests in Sex, Inhibitions about Trying New Things, Sexual Attractiveness to Partner

Time to Improve

The above is a small list of considerations you should acknowledge when learning about your sexual desire. The fact is that most women have already noticed a decline in their sexual arousal levels. If you know that you have issues with any of the above departments in your life it is bound to plague you in some way or form. But there is still time to do something about and you are at the right place. We strive to deliver you the most accurate information available on the internet.

Now is a better time than ever to research ways to boost sex drive. There are tons of informative websites like this one and plenty of good reading material full of ideas, product reviews, and self help tips that you can employ. Whether you are just learning about your sexuality or unfortunately learning that it's been declining over the years we hope you find what you are looking for here. If you browse through the pages on this site you are bound to start enjoying your bedroom much more.


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