Thinking about Valentra are you?

There are many times in a woman's life that her hormones get out of balance and she is unable to be sexually pleased. However it is not necessary to take hormones for sexual enhancement. Valentra is a cream that will give a woman extreme pleasure. Valentra is a cream that is all natural water based pH balanced, hypoallergenic and free of hormones. It produces no side effects and is an excellent aphrodisiac that will provide extremely intense arousal. No prescription is required to use Valentra so it can be purchased at anytime and no doctor's visit is required to use it.

Valentra is fast acting; a woman can feel its effects only 90 seconds after rubbing it on. After a woman rubs it on she will feel pleasure like none she has ever felt before. It feels fantastic. It creates a warm tingly feeling, which results in increased libido. Circulation to the genital areas is also increased which results in genital sensitivity. This sensitivity makes every touch and movement extremely pleasurable.

There are times when a woman will not be sexually aroused instantly after the first use of Valentra. Sometimes it takes two or three uses for its effects to be felt. Valentra should be applied to the mucous membrane that is just under the clitoris. It works immediately by absorbing the ingredients to provide sexual pleasurable sensations.

So what's in Valentra

The active ingredients in Valentra are: Ginseng, which improves vasodilatation and circulation, Damiana Leaf which is a natural aphrodisiac. Wild Yam and Peppermint Leaf which stimulates natural lubrication and relaxes tension. All of these ingredients working together provide a woman with extremely pleasurable sexual sensations.

Valentra is so effective because it absorbs quickly and uses a blend of many different ingredients that naturally provide stimulation.

When women go through menopause many times they suffer from totally lost sexual desire and vaginal dryness. They just can not get sexually excited. Many just go through the motions with their partner wishing that they could feel sexual pleasure too. Valentra will help them to experience sexual pleasure and no longer have vaginal dryness. It is also great for a woman who has just had a baby and lost her sexual desire. She will once again enjoy sex.

Since it is organic Valentra is completely safe to use. There are no perfumes, dyes or oils used in it. It can also be used with a condom. Valentra is not FDA approved but it was created by health professionals. Women who use Valentra will never have to fake an orgasm again. Her orgasm will be genuine which will also be extremely pleasing to her partner. Men will love when their women use Valentra because she will be happier about having sex and will express more pleasure during sex.


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