Generally when somebody mentions the words sexual dysfunction, they are most likely to think of it as a male problem. The fact is that women can also experience sexual dysfunction. Of course it is not in the same category of problems as men's but female sexual dysfunction is a reality. It is common for women who are at the pre-menopause stage and menopause stage, to experience various types of sexual problems. It is most common among women between the ages of 40 and 60 to experience this.

The main cause for this problem is fluctuating hormone levels. Some problems such as vaginal dryness can happen to women at any age. Some of the reasons for this are because of peoples lifestyles. Habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs and poor diet are a contributing factor to female dysfunction. Some of the other reasons for this problem could be caused by diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases or bacteria related problems such as yeast infections. It can also be caused by certain side effects of medicines. This is why it is always a good idea to ask the doctor before trying anything new.

So what about HerSolution and HerSolution Gel is so great?

Does Hersolution Work? Well a product such as this works by increasing blood flow to the genital region. This increases sensitivity to that area. It is made from natural ingredients that are of high quality. The main goal of most over the counter and natural female libido enhancers is to increase blood flow to the genital regions.

What's in HerSolution?

The main ingredients are Aloe Vera, cocoa butters, shea and botanical essences. It comes in cream form and can be applied directly. This product is perhaps the only product of its kind that works on both levels. One is that it balances your hormone levels and the other is that it enhances the sensitivity of the genital area. People, who have used it, swear by it and claim it is a good female libido enhancer.

One of the reasons for HerSolution's popularity is that it is safe to use when using medications such as birth control pills. Testosterone is generally seen as a male hormone. The fact is that it is also found in women and when its levels go down in women it can affect the libido. Nitric oxide is a vital chemical that is needed for proper sexual function. It is nitric oxide that makes the muscles relax and allow more blood flow through out the body including the genital area. If you were to buy HerSolution and use it, you will immediately see a difference in blood flow levels.


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