Female Libido Supplements

We all take supplements for something or another. Do you take vitamin and (or) mineral supplements? Hopefully you do because there are many benefits of increasing your health, stamina, and well being depending on what type of multi-vitamin or supplement you are taking.

Why take libido enhancing supplements?

Now if you are trying to increase your female libido then there are certain supplements you should be looking specifically for. There is nothing wrong with adding essential ingredients to your diet. You may be lacking specific minerals, amino acids, vitamins, or herbs in your diet due to a busy lifestyle or dieting preferences and that's fine none of us can maintain the required diversity in eating habits to get every crucial ingredient needed to boost our libido. If you take a look at our female aphrodisiac section you will see a long list of foods, activities, and ingredients commonly known as aphrodisiacs. An aphrodisiac is something people believe increases their sexuality whether that's improving their ability to become sexually aroused or enhance their sexual feelings.

Some of you are just looking to improve an already good thing but a lot of our readers are either post menopausal or experiencing Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) or Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) sometimes known as female impotence. These women, maybe you're one of us have difficulties experiencing pleasurable sexual encounters or have trouble becoming sexually aroused enough to engage frequently enough in sexual encounters. That can make life a challenge for both you and your partner or spouse. So making a very small change in your daily habits could prove to be very beneficial. Beyond increasing exercise and partaking in mental health improvement practices there is not a lot you can do to increase your libido. Of course there are hormone therapies involving testosterone and pharmaceutical manufactures with products like LibiGel that you can get prescriptions for but most are still in development or clinical trials. Recently a hormone therapy, Flibanserin was recently denied FDA approval for prescription use because it was deemed by the FDA to not prove effective enough in increasing sexual encounters during clinical trials to outweigh the side effects and health risks involved. So other than going to the doctor and waiting for the next big pharma to create a potentially unsafe female Viagra you can start looking at proven safe organic over the counter products and female libido supplements.

Do female libido supplements work though?

If you frequent Feminine Review you know that we don't make claims about anything. Rather than pushing techniques, therapies, or products on our users we prefer to let our readers tell us what works. It's very challenging and extremely expensive to find, buy, and prepare all the potential supplements that can increase female libido. Not only that, but there are a lot of reports and research that points to the fact that they work best in combination. But do they work? Yes they do and very well at that. Our reader reviews have shown time and again that over the counter female libido supplements have increased the frequency of sexual encounters, improved their ability to become aroused, and actually help them to achieve orgasm.

There have been several clinical studies executed as well. Currently Lryiana is the only product we know of that has paid for a live trial involving post-menopausal women and they had pretty good success rates. Also, recently a study run at Stanford university hosted by a Dr. Mary Lake Polan was completed. Dr. Polan is the chairperson of the gynecology and obstetrics department at Stanford. During her study a group of 93 women between the ages of 23 and 73 were split in half. Half took a placebo and half took a female libido supplement containing L Arginine. This is known as a double blind placebo study meaning that no trial patient knew if they were receiving the actual libido supplement or a sugar pill. All the women reported an increase in sexual activity after the trial but almost double the percentage (63%) reported positive effects after taking the supplement versus 38 percent reporting increase in sex with the placebo. She is gong to report her findings to the Women's Health and Gender Based Medicine congress in D.C. shortly and that should shed some light on the potential for alternatives to prescription libido enhancers. It's unfortunate that there aren't more studies and trials on the potential side effects, both positive and negative of female libido supplements but with LibiGel soon to apply for FDA approval that may change. Think about all the natural alternatives to Viagra on the market today.

How do I buy the best female libido supplement?

Well that's a question that we can't answer ourselves but have no fear that's what Feminine Review's primary website goal is. To provide you with accurate and current information on libido supplements, products containing libido enhancers, and reader reviews on those products. If you check out our female libido enhancer review section you will see plenty of user ratings, safety information, and legitimate reviews on products like Lyriana and HerSolution both our highest reader reviewed products. There is also reviews on other products like Vigorelle, Provestra, Zestra, and others. Why do we review these products instead of individual female libido supplements like L Arginine, Ginseng, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Valerian root, and other supplements? Simple, it's much more cost effective and easy to purchase a product with the right combination and amount of ingredients. These companies spent the time and money to research how to make the best and most effective supplement available.

Have you tried a product or individual supplement with good results? Maybe you have experienced unwanted side effects or have ideas on how to improve the currently available solutions. Please let us know. This site is reader driven and without you we cannot continue to provide the best information on the web. Take care.


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