Aphrodisiac Perfume

The power of sexual aromatherapy

While men are typical to be looking for a way to seduce a woman with an aphrodisiac perfume scents really can have a powerful effect on female libido and sexuality. Usually the memory of a scent or smell of a scent that correlates with a very sensual experience is more than enough to spark some particular feelings. As far as we're concerned that would classify scent as a sexual stimulant.

You're probably not going to have any luck attracting a new partner or seducing somebody who is not interested simply by wearing or emitting aromas but there have been more than a few clinical studies that have shown smells to actually increase female sexual arousal. So, if you are experiencing symptoms of HSDD or FSD this is a simple way to help increase your chances of a pleasant evening.

How do these scents work?

In nature scent is a major player in the mating game. Pheromones are known by scientists to be a factor in animals attracting a mate. Through inhalation of specific scents hormone triggers are activated creating levels of arousal. The science isn't exact but it is sure that there is a physiological impact or psychological trigger as a result of smelling certain aromas.

Some great sexual aromas to try

Finding an aphrodisiac perfume may be a challenge and an expensive one as well if you are simply looking for a bottle of fragrance to do the trick but here are is a list of scents known to increase arousal:

  • Jasmine: Known to be a very powerful mood influence, jasmine is also used as a stimulant by men and women said to have the power to put you in a euphoric state. A definite female libido booster.
  • Lavender: Believe it or not, lavender is a major aphrodisiac for men as well as women. It has a very calming effect and helps ease away stress.
  • Sandalwood: This sweet woody smelling fragrance has very strong aphrodisiac qualities. It is actually used in sexual practices to enhance longevity and arousal levels.
  • Ylang Ylang: Harder to find but well worth the search this is known to significantly increase female libido giving a sense of energy and erotic feelings.
  • Bergamot: Another aphrodisiac perfume that has a wonderful aroma capable of setting a very sensuous mood.
  • Citrus: Almost all men's perfumes contain either citrus, tobacco, or some sort of pepper scent. Simply because these are all known to cause certain emotional triggers in women in the favor of sexual activity.

What about pheromones?

While there is great debate in the role of human pheromones in women it definitely holds true for the animal world. Scents have specific identities in animals and are found in urine and sweat secretions that are emitted during mating season. These scents are picked up by a gland in the nose called a vomeronasal organ (VNO). It's not clear if human females have this gland but there have been clinical studies in both favor and criticism of this method of creating an aphrodisiac perfume. It is surely worth a try but you shouldn't necessary expect tremendous results.


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