Female Aphrodisiac

What is an aphrodisiac?

Here at Feminine Review we strive to bring you the best information. The word female aphrodisiac actually sprouts from the ancient word Aphrodite, the mythological Greek Goddess of Sexuality. All throughout ancient and modern history there has been a rampant fascination on the topic generally with men looking to seduce women and sexually arouse them. As you would expect sex is one of the most desired activities in all animals including humans and an aphrodisiac is a way to increase the opportunity or chance of mating. Generally coming in the form of an edible substance female aphrodisiacs have been claimed of foods, drinks, and potions on the edible side and rituals, dances, aromatics, and spells on the non-edible side. The general definition is something having the characteristic of sexual arousing a person and the goal is to make sex or sexual activity easily obtainable and (or) more enjoyable.

What makes them work?

A female aphrodisiac, to work needs to increase the state of arousal. In order to accomplish this, a substance or activity would need to impact the libido in women. A woman's libido is responsible for our overall sex drive and encourages us to engage in romantic or erotic sexual activity. There are really three things a female aphrodisiac should accomplish to be considered effective.

  • Increase Sexual Desire
  • Increase Sexual Arousal Capability (or female stimulation)
  • Increase Sexual Pleasure

From information about the topic we find that generally, concoctions are developed to drive the first of the above three. I'm guessing men were the first to start looking for a way to entice the fairer sex into their beds and if you look through the history of aphrodisiacs my guess is well supported. To actually work this magical substance would need to chemically impact a female's hormones. Aphrodisiacs typically contain chemical properties or involve activities that stimulate hormonal responses to achieve this task. After the mood is set the other two goals, more important to us ladies are increasing our pleasure capabilities and ability to be easily sexually simulated. The same chemical reactions that originally got us interested in sensual activity now need to kick into overdrive. Libido and stimulation are directly linked with our ability to achieve orgasm or an exciting experience. Again, aphrodisiacal claims are directly linked with heightening the level of sexual hormones being activated in our body including testosterone. While most natural female aphrodisiacs are not well proven many have supporting clinical studies showing that the hormones or chemical properties in them can actually generate positive results. Especially when combined with activities that promote healthy sexual appetite and arousal levels.

Where do I find female aphrodisiacs?

The key is to not look for the quick fix and take a holistic approach, do the research and find more information. By this I mean combine a few techniques with a healthy lifestyle for increasing your arousal and pleasure levels. For example: Have a romantic dinner using simple aphrodisiac foods and herbs in the recipes. Go dancing after dinner with your significant other followed by a relaxing aromatherapy bath. If you're comfortable with it watch a sensual or erotic movie together and then hit the bed with a female sexual enhancer cream or topical solution as your lubricant. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't that complicated and the rewards will be well worth it when your sexual life stands to seriously improve.


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