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Adult Friend Finder Review

There are a ton of dating sites out there but only one place to go if you are simply looking for a… well a quick and discreet fling. That is Adult Friend Finder. We couldn't review the other dating sites without reviewing this one as well. And in reality it turned out the best results. AFF has over 25 million members and while most are inactive it is definitely packed with subscribers. Good thing for us ladies is most of them are men. At first we thought it'd be a challenge to find a decent partner and that it was only a place for swingers and sexual nymphs to hang around and hunt for sex but it turns out there are a lot of very decent men who are either legitimately too busy or too shy to hit the bars and clubs to work their charm and turn to the internet. We had 3 reviewers who were interested in taking this challenge on and paid for 3 month memberships for each of them. Check out the reviews:

Things to consider first

If what you're looking for is a no strings attached encounter or a short term relationship based around dates and possible intimate encounters checkout Adult Friend Finder. Before you do though here is a collection of recommendations from our reviewers.

  • Be honest with yourself and your profile on Adult Friend Finder. This is not the place to be shy. Men are looking for details on what you're interested in and misstating will only complicate the experience
  • All three of our ladies followed some sort of interview process that looked something like: email and chat conversations for a few days followed by a phone number exchange and some casual conversation before actually meeting in person. Rather than setting up a night-time meet which could make it more difficult to bail on the bedroom they all started with lunches or coffee and followed up with dates and more intimate encounters.
  • Post a photo. One of our ladies posted some more revealing photos and received the most attention but the other two posted headshots and still received more email then they knew what to do with. Before posting any pictures the mail/flirts/winks were low
  • Use their search feature wisely. Most people have specific expectations of what they want when meeting somebody on this site and if you want to limit your searches to potential partners that have similar interests as you it's possible to do so
  • NEVER jus tell somebody you are desperate or want to meet up for a one night stand. You will not stop hearing from a guy once you tell them this. Also, ask the men who are trying to win a date with you to email you a couple of photos and make sure you specify clothed or not clothed. For real, men seem to have no problem of pointing a camera down and clicking but let them know you want to see them not well them Jr.
  • Don't be afraid and have fun. This is online and if you decide that maybe it's not your style you're not obligated. Even the gents that our ladies moved into phone calls with but not further did not stalk or threaten anybody. Think of it like a nightclub or bar. Everybody here is a little lonely, a little too busy, or a little too shy to fulfill their sexual needs and that's nothing to be ashamed of.
  • However, be careful. Make sure your not broadcasting to the wrong crowd or meting in person people who you have not talked to and chatted with thoroughly.

Site review

As for a Adult Friend Finder review the site is great. It's easy to set up a profile and you have room for your photos and if you're brave enough videos. They have an online chat and video chat rooms that can actually dive down into local areas. Not to mention a forum for users to chat in an offline mode and ask questions. The main place you will be though is in the communication portion. AFF uses winks, flirts, and other methods for users to notify others that they are interested. Considering that there is probably a 10 to 1 ratio of men to women you will have no shortage of requests to interact. You will need to pay for a membership to get any kind of action on the site though. There are 2 levels above non-paying membership, Silver and Gold. Our users were using Gold but I would guess that Silver is a good place to start. Not a single problem or additional charge after we canceled the billing either. No spam in our email accounts either. This site is very professionally run and there is a 24x7 support line also. Have fun and report what your experience is if you decide to sign up.


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