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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A day to remember

If you're like me it seems like only yesterday when I turned on the news on lunch break and saw smoke coming from the towers. I screamed as I watched the second plane hit and sat for the rest of the day in disbelief that this was really happening. Today is a day we all need to sit down and take 15 minutes of silence to remember those who perished in the awful event. No matter what religion, political outlook, or ethnic belief what happened on September 11th was terrible and shall never escape our memories. God bless all who were unfortunate and God bless the families too.

Site Updates

Be sure to checkout our brand new YouTube channel FeminineReview YouTube Channel. We have a ton of interesting news coverage, product reviews, and related information in video format. Subscribe to us on the channel too to keep updated with the latest information.

We have finally added a LibiGel News page to our Articles section. With Flibanserin finally biting the dust after the FDA upset many of you are waiting to see if BioSante's LibiGel will make the grade finishing their Phase III clinical trials and gaining an FDA approval. Be sure to check in often and we'll promise to keep the page updated regularly. Also in case you hadn't noticed already we have something very rare and special in our Reviews section. A frequent reader submitted an unsolicited opinion and low key review of LibiGel. She is currently a part of the Bloom Study clinical trials and posted her thoughts on the product. Check out the LibiGel Review as soon as possible as we may need to take it down if asked to do so.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well by now all of us should know that Flibanserin is no longer a viable candidate to become the female Viagra. That leaves only one pharmaceutical option in play, BioSante's LibiGel. LibiGel is a testosterone gel that has a unique delivery method reported to minimize complications and adverse side effects of the delivery. It is a once a day treatment applied in gel form to the upper arm by post menopause women who are experience trouble with their libido either as a result of female sexual dysfunction or HSDD. Currently in Phase III clinical trials for efficacy, safety, and usage study BioSante hopes to apply for FDA approval late this year or early 2011 for product launch sometime in 2011. We'll see how that goes.

In other news something that I found intriguing either positively or negatively Bruce Randolph Public School in Denver, CO has made available a birth control program on top of emergency condoms and contraceptives to deliver the pill to students. Yes, you heard me right the pill delivered in public schools. Wow, have the times changed. There is a great uproar amongst parents and advocacy groups both locally and nationwide as this is a first of it's kind and very controversial. What do you think about it?

Site updates

As many of you know we have been conducting product and service reviews over the last 6 months and our reviews are finally being posted on the site. A lot of great information to be found and just as an FYI all of the reviews were done not by Feminine Review staff but by an panel of randomly selected volunteers we selected from a recruitment process run about 6 months ago. They are all non-bias and in many cases didn't know the brand or name of the product they were testing. So far we have reviews up for:

Keep on the lookout for more topics, articles, and reviews coming soon. We just hired a full time person to manage our blog on female related topics, reviews, and news pertaining to women who want to be in the know. Take care.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Special Entry

One of our dear reviewers has taken it upon herself to do a very special charity walk. Stephnie will be joining hundreds of other women in Seattle for a 3 day 60 mile walk for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. This very special charity walk is to promote awareness and donate proceeds to the fight against a very real threat to all of us women, Breast Cancer. She has enlisted her friends and family to help support her contribution but needs all the support she can get. If you can even pledge a 5 dollar donation it would help. To join her team against Breast Cancer please click here: Stephanie's Charity Walk

Saturday, May 29th, 2010


Well attention appears to be back on LibiGel. The manufacturer BioSante posted more information this week about Phase III safety trials it is currently running on LibiGel. LibiGel is another contender in the race for Female Viagra. The latest news seems to be interesting for those looking at the Flibanserin vs. LigiGel argument. Very positive safety information continues to flow out from this second round of trials. My guess is they will be seeking an FDA approval this year too. It's the next pharma race. One interesting note is that LibiGel is a hormone therapy and Flibanserin is basically a type of anti-depressant. Maybe the two could be used in conjunction for super sexual power. Haha, joking a side though this drug seems to be more targeted towards post-menopausal women as test patients are all post-menapause. We'll keep you updated on results as they stream in.


It's a three day weekend and my kids are going to the grandparents! Going to be doing some experimenting with the hubby this weekend for sure. We'll be trying out some products for the review section. I've been taking Lyriana for the last 3 weeks and starting to notice some of the effects so I'm going to team it up with Zestra. Zestra has not been too positive for me in the past as it burns a little bit but with the vaginal moistening effects Lyriana has provided I figured I'd give it another try. Will post results next week for y'all. Everybody go out and enjoy Memorial Day Weekend to it's fullest!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Our new Blog now online

You asked for it and we've put it up. This Blog is in Beta mode right now until we can get a separate section of the site ready for a more official blog but our users have been asking us to make some more frequent updates to the site and this seemed to be the simplest way to do so. We'll make an attempt to post at a minimum once per week and hope to throw up some tidbits and information daily. I'll break the blog into 3 sections.

  • News
  • Thoughts
  • Tips & Advice

I can't commit that we'll have tons of information on a daily basis but we can at least provide the most recent news, add some tips in once in a while, and share our thoughts on relevant topics. Please comment if you have any ideas, suggestions, or complaints.


In recent news I think the most exciting thing whether good or bad is the update on potential drug offering Flibanserin. This one has been in the news quite a bit lately and the most recent news on it is that on June 18th the FDA will form a board to make approvals or disapproval of it's admittance. This means that for some the long wait is over and for others the dread of another marketing engine to fill our daytime T.V. time is about to start. Sometimes known as Ectris or Girosa this drug originally developed by pharma company Boehringer as a treatment for depression is now on the verge of becoming the first female Viagra. Look for more news on Flibanserin in the coming weeks as we'll be paying attention here.


Well not much thought today other than we're excited to add another section to the site. We will be finishing up our first round of product reviews this month and building that section out extensively in the coming weeks. Be sure to check it out once it goes live. Our reviewers chosen from site visitors have spent extensive time thoroughly reviewing products from the following vendors so far:

  • Provestra
  • Vigorelle
  • Lyriana
  • Her Solution
  • Libido for Her
  • Zestra
  • Fematril
  • Libido-Max
  • and more...

We'll be providing tons of inside non-biased information on all of these product, adding video reviews, lots of product photos, and more. We are probably the only review site operated by a non-vendor today so you can feel assured that while we do advertise to keep the site afloat we are not steering you towards one offering or another.

Well that's it for today. Be sure to bookmark and follow up regularly to keep up to date on the latest information in women specific offerings. Take care!


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