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Zestra was made popular by T.V. star Rachel Ray. It has been heavily marketed in the retail segment, passing through multiple owners with hopes of being a highly rated product. Great packaging but so-so results.

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Zestra Review

Caution:It should be noted that Zestra is an oil based product and there is reports that it could effect latex condoms. One of our review panelist made this mistake during tests of forgetting that this is an oil based solution that can dissolve latex condoms. Thankfully there were no surprises.

Zestra has been through multiple owners and heavily marketed. It is sold as essential oils that promote sensation when topically applied to the genital area during foreplay or before sexual intercourse. It like others has doctors that will promote it's effectiveness and they paid for a clinical study that shows it to be safe. It is fast acting but has reportable not been as intense as many alternatives on the market. However, it is widely available and very affordable to try.

Since this has been on the market for some time and is cheap enough to pick up at the drug store with no commitment or risk of not knowing how it works Feminine Review did not take the time or financial resources to review. We have had a number of our review panelist try on their own and report very lackluster results though. I guess big advertising budgets should of been spent on research and development instead. If you are looking for a great topical solution check out Vigorelle


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