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Something different is always interesting. The question however is does it work and is it worth it. Not much more than sweet smells from this aromatherapy and according to our panel not worth the investment for the returns they saw.

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Scentuelle Review

Here is a female libido enhancer with a difference. Scentuelle helps you increase your sexual desire through, as the name indicates, its scent. It is through the sense of smell that the sexual desire increases and rekindles the sunken sensual spirits and brings about a fiery intimate connection with the partner. So, if you are unhappy with the way your sexual life is heading, you can definitely give it a fresh lease of life by using Scentuelle. It appears to be the perfect answer for low sex drives or low sexual intimacy. These phases of feeling low are quite common in the lives of women but it should not go to the extent that it brings a drift in the sexual relationship that you share with your partner. So, to hold the same from drifting apart, you could take the help of Scentuelle which is a patch…a libido patch which is designed to enhance the sexual desire and the sexual responses in you.

Active Ingredients in Scentuelle

Scentuelle is found to be a non-transdermal, clear patch which impregnates into the body and comes in with a unique blend of aromas that titillate the sensual desire in the woman. The patch needs to be smelled at frequent intervals and this inhalation of a variety of aromas will spur the feelings of desire. The ingredients that are used in the Scentuelle patch however are not available on the website but generally, people who are on the lookout for sexual aids would want to buy all herbal or natural supplements as they do not cause much of side effects. This product makes use of a dermal patch and this concentrated patch is placed on the skin directly and changed as and when the need is felt. But people who are particular or interested in pills based supplements would definitely find this to be different. Each transparent patch comes in with the complex scent formula which enhances the sexual feelings, thoughts and desire.

How Scentuelle Works

This innovative product that is available in the form of a transparent patch is formulated with numerous essential oils and aroma oils that titillate the sexual impulses in the woman and hence boost the sex drive. These aromas act on the brain and the impulses are translated into desire. There are no harmful chemicals that seep into the bloodstream and it is also a widely known fact that aromatic oils have a distressing effect on the minds of the people. So, this libido patch maker is also helpful in relieving stress, and also increasing your confidence levels in matters of sex. This is a non-addictive safe to use innovative libido enhancer that has proved to be truly brining about a change in the way you now relate to your sexual life.

Scentuelle Side Effects and Safety Considerations

Well since Scentuelle is technically an aromatherapy delivered in a unique package the only concerns one should have is allergic reactions to the aromas it delivers. Perhaps headaches or nausea could result but we really don't see how this could pose any serious threat to one's health.

Scentuelle Review Panel Test Results

Even though this one is a little bit tough to accurately test we have received numerous requests from our readers to have a review done so we procured a 1 month supply from Scentuelle and sent to our readers. There was no way to conceal the patches without affecting their shelf life so there were no attempts at concealing the label on this review done by 5 of our review volunteers. Here are the results of the study:

Week 1

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 3 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 3 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: 2 times per week

Week 4

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 2.5 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 4 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: 2 times per week

Not much change in sexual activity. In fact, it actually was somewhat lower in some of the patients. However, a positive comment that was noted from all but 1 candidate was that the aroma was very pleasurable and delighted them to smell it often throughout the day. Still, that wasn't enough to keep the 5 reviewers customers. None of them said they would continue to use the product after the review.

Conclusion, Should Women Consider Using Scentuelle

If you do not want to use pills or gels to improve your sex drive, then this innovative product seems to be the right answer. And if you are looking to optimize your sexual life and health, you need not use the messy lotions, gels and pills. But by making use of the aromatic patches and placing them on your skin you can feel your sexual desire soar high. Whether women should really consider using Scentuelle or no calls for some deliberation, because there is not adequate information available regarding the ingredients. But, if they do really want to try they may go ahead as there are no harmful effects that are reported of the patches. However, with the kind of reviews that are available on the product it also becomes difficult to decide whether this innovative product is a real answer to your sexual desire levels.


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