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Lyriana is the only product we've ever reviewed to score this high on our rating system. It's also the only one with clinical trials supporting it's effects. Our volunteer reviewers tried it and so will you. Try Lyriana Now

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Lyriana Review

Lyriana is a proven, safe, and all natural oral supplement designed and formulated to increase libido in women. Originally developed as a topical cream application it was studied to be more effective when taken orally. It's ingredients promote natural sexual health increasing your bodies desire for sexual activity and it promotes heightened sensations in the genital area. Lyriana is known also to assist in lubricating the vagina which is important for arousal levels to rise and promote enjoyable sexual intercourse.

The product has been on the market for quite a few years now and has gained tremendous notoriety for their willingness to put their money where their mouth is and pay for an actual clinical study. The study performed on 27 women with an average age of 58 showed excellent results as seen below.

This is amazing considering there are no other over the counter products with supported evidence of their effectiveness that we know of today. To be clear on the test results were calculated after a 4 week supplement regiment where Lyriana was taken daily for the term. This is something that should be considered if you decide to try Lyriana. There isn't any supplement that can be effective day 1 so be sure to take advantage of whatever bulk discount they are offering and stick to the schedule of taking Lyriana. Our review panel included them as a nightly vitamin before bed.

Lyriana effects

Within the first 7-10 days you should notice the following effects begin to take place:

  • Your sexual awareness increasing
  • Increase in vaginal lubrication and heightened sensation of the clitoris and labia majora and minora
  • A healthier desire to engage in sexual activity

After 4-5 weeks once your body has adapted to taking Lyriana you should begin to feel the full effect including:

  • Restored healthy sexual appetite and female libido
  • Increasingly easier to become sexually aroused
  • Noticeable difference in enjoyable pleasure during sexual activity due to the increased blood flow to your vagina and clitoris
  • Ability to achieve orgasm or multiple orgasms

The only downside to Lyriana is that in order for it to continue to work you need to keep taking the supplement. This is not necessarily a bad thing as no negative side effects have been reported and it's a healthy all natural supplement but it's not exactly free. Our review panel was supplied with a 2 month supply as recommended by Lyriana and after they completed the review they noticed the effects begin to taper after a week or two. They are all happy customers now.

How does Lyriana work?

It's all in the blend. Lyriana has a special proprietary blend of ingredients combined with purpose. The active ingredients include the following:

  • L-Arginine
  • Epimedium
  • Maca
  • Yohimbine Extract 8%
  • Damiana

Each of these components with their measured potency act together to create a mood in the body and a health balance within your mind. They also trigger your libido by adding specific nutrients and supplements to cell tissue in your vaginal and clitoral regions. Once your body and mind is at ease and blood is flowing naturally to your sexual organs you can begin to experience some of the best intimate encounters of your life. Even if you are post menopause.

Is Lyriana safe?

Safe to try and safe to buy. Lyriana is FDA compliant and has no reports of adverse side effects and all of the ingredients are all natural so there should be no need for concern about toxic chemicals or other unnatural substances being entered into your body. As for the purchase and experience you have no fear at all. There is a 90 day money back guarantee. If that is not enough for you, there is also the option for using buysafe during your checkout. This is a solid company with a solid product and our review board has spoken up with the highest rating for any product or service in our site's history.

Lyriana Review Panel Results

This product was purchased by Feminine Review packaged in clear plastic bags with no labeling and sent to 15 of our volunteer reviewers aged between 34-68 years old. Instructions for use were discussed and a regiment was established. Our reviewers kept track of frequency of sexual activity during the period and also take note of any positive or negative effects noticed during the 60 day period. The results were outstanding. While this is not a scientific study and we cannot control aspects of testing the reports were very similar and these women do not know or know of each other.

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse weeks 1-2: 1 time per week
  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse weeks 6-8: 2.5 times per week
  • Ability to achieve orgasm weeks 1-2: 6 of 15 achieved at least one orgasm during period
  • Ability to achieve orgasm weeks 6-8: 14 of 15 achieved at least one orgasm during period. 7 achieved more than 3

Comments from the panel during the conclusion conference call

Alice- I enjoyed the increased moisture in my vagina. For years I've had issues with being dry which makes for a very unpleasant experience and the unnatural lubrication is always a mess. My husband loved that there was no hassle in getting from foreplay to play. I am also having great orgasms for the first time since my 20s.

Carley- Lyriana has seriously increased my libido. With all of the work, taking care of kids, and errands I have no time to sit and be frustrated performing at night when I knew I wasn't going to really enjoy it. Lyriana has got me horny all of the time now. I enjoy sex again and we're trying all kinds of new things. This is a miracle

Nicole- Wow! I wouldn't say I had much of a problem in the sexual area of my life before Lyriana but now I'm enjoying sex at a whole new level. Everything is so much more intense. We've experimented with over the counter topical solutions like KY but they can't compare. Not to mention the mess afterward. I've actually had my first multiple orgasm during this trial period.

Catherine- Thank you so much Nancy. I haven't had an orgasm in at least 10 years. We hadn't had sex for almost 6 months actually before I said yes to the review. I was skeptical but now I'm so glad I took the chance. I still can't believe that we're making love every day or two like we were in high school again. Now I'm probably going to have to get my husband something to keep up. haha.

If you have comments on Lyriana negative or positive please share with us. We are always interested in results. We wish you the most luck with your experience.


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