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Her Solution is unique in that it's a combination of oral supplements and a topical gel combined into a package formula to improve female libido. Sold separately but preferred as a combo. Try Her Solution Now

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HerSolution Gel & Tablets Review

While there are a lot of female sexual enhancer products on the market they are typically either a topical solution or an oral supplement taken daily. HerSolution has both products available. Until recently they were primarily sold separately. However, now they must of gotten wise and realized that the combination of both strategies works really well together because they have a great package deal they are promoting.

Owned by a health products company this product has been available for at least 2 years now and has recently been featured on the renowned show The Doctors:

Her Solution was also reviewed by Women's Health pretty postively so they must have something right. While we did see better results among our test panel when the product scored best when used in as a topical/supplement pair.

HerSolution Effects

Using this product you should notice a few major positive effects. Keep in mind that it is advertised with a 90 day usage before full effect should occur but an increase in sexual appetite (getting horny more often), heightened arousal levels, increasingly intense sensations during sexual activity, stronger orgasms or multiple orgasms, and overall better mood mentally are all reported results of using Her Solution. This is if you are both taking the daily tablets and applying the gel.

How does Her Solution Gel work?

Well it's kind of a two part story. The HerSolution Tablet is to be taken orally on a daily regiment for a period of 90 days before it actually starts becoming effective in improving sexual arousal in a woman's body. The formula is all natural and contains some of the following ingredients:

  • Epimedium sagitattum
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Hops Extract (yes like the hops in beer)
  • Niacin
  • Cayenne (as in ouch that pepper is hot Cayenne) 
  • Tribulus
  • Melatonin (which puzzles us)
  • And probably that magic ingredient, DHEA

Our guess is that DHEA is the most effective ingredient in targeting FSD or HSDD as it is a precursor to the female sexual hormones. There have been studies supporting DHEA but nothing finalized by the FDA. However, women taking this compound in test studies publish by NEJM commented that they recognized significant increases in their libido including:

  • Increase in frequency of thinking about sexual activity
  • Interests levels in becoming aroused
  • Sexual pleasure (mental and physical) increased

The second part to the formula is the HerSolution Gel. Including ingredients like L-Arginine, aloe, cocoa  butter, and other natural botanical ingredients this gel is applied directly ot the vagina and clitoris area before sexual intercourse or during foreplay. It's primary objective is to lubricate the vagina and intensify the sensation experienced during sexual activity by promoting healthier blood flow to the sexual organs.

So basically you have two solutions targeting the arousal problems and the sensation problems. One that does take some time to eventually kick in and another that's instant fun in a gel dispenser. What a great idea.

Is Her Solution safe?

Ready for something new. Most of the products that we've reviewed offer a 30-45 day refund policy. HerSolution offers a 6 month money back guarantee minus shipping and handling of course. This is the most confident offer we've seen in this product category. As far as health safety factors, no reports found or major news about issues. Obviously if you felt adverse side effects or uncomfortable feelings using the gel you should stop using immediately but as far as we can tell there doesn't appear to be any problems.

HerSolution Review Panel Results

We made a few ladies lucky this year by selecting them as review panelist. Feminine Review purchased twenty 90 day supplies of the tablets and 60 bottles of HerSolution to provide to 20 volunteers. We blacked out all labels on the product since they were silk screened on and delivered to our reviewers with instructions on use and on how to record results. The women selected were between ages 19 and 51 with an average age of 44 with about half having one or more children and 7 post menopausal. This was our largest group to test to date and was designed this large to accommodate the 90 day requirement for the pills to take effect with the thought that some would drop out. Nobody dropped out! Here were the results and below are some selected comments from our ladies:

Weeks 1-4

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 1.2 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 3 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: .75 times per week

Weeks 12-16

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 3.2 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 5 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: 2.4 times per week

Those are astounding results. Keep in mind that anytime our review panel has an opportunity to try a product it's going to induce some more curiosity but even after 3 months these women were still enjoying sex more often and having more orgasms.

HerSolution Gel and Tablet User Comments

Kendra B.- This product is amazing. You guys are going to tell us what we're using right because I'm buying a lifetime supply. Forget the fact that I'm always feeling frisky which is a feeling that disappeared years ago just the gel is amazing. I use it to masturbate almost any chance I get. You do have to rinse or shower afterward but Jesus it's great. My husband is literally worn out and refusing me now. Hahaha

Jessica L. - Thanks for this opportunity to discover something new. I suffer from HSDD (Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder) and have actually not had sexual intercourse in over a year happily. I've tried Extenze for Women that I bought at the drug store for a month and nothing but this pill is a miracle. I never thought I'd have the urge after menopause but now I'm engaging in romance any chance I can get the kids to bed early enough. The gel feels great too. My husband usually puts it on and we go on for hours. He's so happy to have me back. Can't thank you enough.

Allison A. - Bump Bump goes my bed. Holy crap this is like amazing. I was getting it on pretty often but I'm going to need some sound proofing in the room to keep the kids out of the know. We're trying all kinds of positions and up till 1AM at least once or twice a week now. My husband actually took a day off work last week cause we were at it so long. I've had multiple orgasms 3 times now and I'm not giving this stuff up ever. I take a tablet every afternoon and ran out of the gel in the second month. High review from me. Way high!

HerSolution Gel and Tablets Review Conclusion

Well there you have it. The only edits to those comments were deletions of explicit comment so nothing added by us. We're impressed and have rated HerSolution with high marks as a result. If you have tried this product or have questions please contact us or leave comments. If you would like to buy the product click one of the links for more information. Have Fun!


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