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Another multivitamin and herbal tablet highlighting the power of L-Arginine to promote sexual health in women. Not a very high performer and not well known. See what our panel had to say about FemXL.

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FemXL Review

FemXL is the herbal complex which is hailed as the next female sexual enhancement pills that are formulated in order to bolster and boost the libidinal levels of the lady and also improve her experience as well as performance during the intercourse. The female enhancer is also found to enhance the energy levels and also stamina to have longer orgasms. A highly cost effective pill, FemXL is available in a pack of 60 capsules in a bottle and the user may not have to use them daily but use them on the day they intend to have sex and witness the difference they experience in the intensity and sensitivity of the passion they experience. But you may wonder how it is possible to plan well in advance as sex is something that happens on the spur. For women in middle age at least, it is a planned activity and hence they can benefit more when they use it on the day they intend to have sex.

Active Ingredients in FemXL

FemXL comes in with all herbal and natural ingredients that are proven to have stood the test of time and are a good resultant in increasing the sexual energy levels in an individual. The following are included in FemXL's formula:

  • Tongkat
  • L-Arginine
  • Macar
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Panax Ginseng

These ingredients are natural herbs that are found to increase libido, sexual confidence, sexual desire and mood, and also increase the intensity of the orgasm. They are all 100% herbal and natural ingredients that cause no side effects to the person when used regularly too. Yohimbe is also used in the manufacture of few other female libido enhancers but FemXL is particularly devoid of Yohimbe. So, for people who are cautious about using Yohimbe, they can go ahead with a clear mind and use FemXL.

How FemXL Works

Usage of FemXL regularly or just before having intercourse will bring about increased levels of sexual libido as the nervous system is stimulated and more so in the genital area around the clitoris. When the clitoris is stimulated there is a lot of action taking place which brings about lubrication and it is this lubrication that improves the quality of sexual intercourse experienced. The ingredients like saw palmetto are found to have a direct effect on the sexual desire and hence the user would definitely experience increased levels of desire to engage in the activity more frequently. The usage of the medicine provides potential benefits like having more mental as well as physical endurance along with heightened sexual desire and as well as orgasms.

FemXL Safety and Side Effects Information

None of our review panelist suffered any side effects from FemXL. From the looks of it there shouldn't be any abnormal issues if you are a healthy female and using appropriately. As always, we are not your doctor or physician and you should consult with your health advisor if you have questions or concerns about taking a natural supplement. Also, take note that this product does not contain Yohimbe which is widely debated in regards to its health risks.

FemXL Review Panel Results

We contacted FemXL and never received a response so we actually ordered a 90 supply for each of our 5 volunteer study panel patients. After creating instructions based on usage and dosage information provided by FemXL we concealed the labels and shipped the product out to our panelist. Below are their results:

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 2 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 2 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: 1 times per week

Week 4

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 1.5 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 2 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: 1.5 times per week

Not sure what to make of the results but they are what they are and sometimes you just have to provide the raw numbers. Interesting to see that the number of claimed orgasms went up ever so slightly but frequency of sexual intercourse went down. None the less there wasn't enough performance in this product to convince any of our 5 review volunteers to continue purchasing the product.

Conclusion, Should Women Consider FemXL

When people do not exceed the prescribed dosage and use it just before the time of intercourse, they can have it assured that they will not fall prey to any kind of side effects. And as the product is Yohimbe free, one can be rest assured of such dangerous side effects. Check out the price and any money back offers in case of dissatisfaction with the product. But, when the product claims to offer such a kind of sexual enhancement and satisfaction that you were not experiencing since a long time, for the price that FemXL comes in, it certainly deserves a try. As there are no serious side effects attached to the same, there is nothing the user can lose by using it for a month. If the female sexual enhancer proves to be what it claims, ordering for more is never a problem as they are readily available on the online stores. So, women may try the product for at least a month to decide about the same.


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