Extenze for Women

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Yes the commercialization is on. Extenze more popular with men and heavy T.V. advertising with Nascar sponsorship has jumped into the ladies market in attempt to capitalize. Mediocre results ensue.

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Extenze for Women Review

It makes men well larger. Yes Extenze which has been heavily marketed to men via T.V. and alternative marketing and even sponsors a fleet of racecars in attempt to gain popularity has seen the writing on the wall. There are a lot of women who are interested in boosting their libido as well. I just hope they aren't making us well larger right?

The product can be found in limited quantities at drugstores and even gas stations but the only well reported results are with extended use over 30 days. Feminine Review has not conducted volunteer review studies at this point because we have received enough feedback from our members during recent studies to know about where the results sit. Mediocre at best. Again more marketing dollars than product development dollars is the case with this organization. They don't even mention what their supplement which is to be taken orally daily is comprised of other than it's all natural.

What to expect

Not much according to numerous replies to a Feminine Review outreach study conducted in March, 2010. Most women did not notice much difference in their sexual activities but did notice an improvement in mood when engaging in sexual encounters which is a positive. It would be nice and interesting to find out what their formula is or if it's just a vitamin pack that's producing a placebo effect. So I guess if you're into Nascar or Indy racing this is something you could try. We would recommend ordering the monthly supply from their website however, as a 7-14 day supply is not going to be enough for your body to start making changes. We'd recommend Lyriana or one of the topical products likeHer Solution for the money though with valid results and money back guarantees.


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