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Another contender in the market for female libido supplements. This company apparently took the cheap route in terms of product packaging and ingredients. Check out what our review panel has to say.

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Climestra Review

Have you been feeling extremely low concerning your sexual energy and sexual drive? There is no need to feel any kind of an apprehension as you can always take the help of libido enhancers which will help you get back to your fiery self with your partner. Climestra is one such female libido enhancers which claims to work positively on the sexual desire as well as the satisfaction levels of a woman who is feeling very low regarding her libidinal levels. Climestra is found to be effective in bringing about greater sexual vitality, increased sexual arousal and also heightened sexual energy levels. In addition to all these positive factors, women who are fast approaching their menopause will also cease to have drastic mood swings and be a more calm and composed person with improved sleep patterns and habits.

Active Ingredients in Climestra

Climestra, as claimed by the product owners, comes in absolutely natural herbal ingredients that cause no harm at all when used regularly. The female libido enhancer comes in with the following ingredients:

  • L Arginine HCI
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Damiana Leaf Extract
  • L Dopa
  • Epimedium
  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Horny goat weed

All these ingredients are purely herbal and are found to be extremely effective in enhancing the libido levels. All the ingredients are carefully handpicked and an effective combination is arrived at so that they bring about the desired results in the form of heightened blood flow to the clitoris which will in turn bring about adequate lubrication that is the chief necessary condition to have pleasurable sex.

How Climestra Works

Climestra, the all-natural herbal product is available in the form of pills and one needs to take a pill a day and a gap of 4 hours needs to be maintained if another pill is to be taken. This female libido enhancer is formulated to facilitate better blood flow to the female genital region and more so the clitoris which is the main part that allows for enhanced lubrication that is necessary for sexual enjoyment. Insufficient supply of blood to the clitoris will lead to a painful and dissatisfying sexual intercourse. So, when Climestra is used, all these negative effects are replaced by enhanced pleasure and satisfaction. Whenever you need a sexual boost you may take these pills and allow a day's time to get the total results. However, it is strongly recommended not to take more than 2-3 pills in a single day. One pill a day would be ideal to see a gradual and firm boost in your levels of sexual desire.

Side Effects, Is Climestra Safe?

A look at the active ingredients tells us that this is nothing more than an herbal supplement. While, we cannot assure any product is safe for you as that is a task for you and your health provider to discuss there doesn't appear to be anything risky in this product. The Climestra website claims the product is safe and should have any side effects yet they state that women may experience breast sensitivity while usage. There doesn't appear to be a money back guarantee to the product if you find it worthless or unsafe.

Climestra User Panel Results

We purchased 2 bottles of Avlimil for each of our 5 review panel candidates. Avlimil recommends 1-3 pills per day for maximum results so we removed labeling and sent instructions for our reviewers to take one pill in the AM and one in the PM for 90 days. The results were not very impressive take a look:

Weeks 1-4

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: .75 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 1 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: 0 times per week

Weeks 8-12

  • Average frequency of sexual intercourse: 1.25 times per week
  • Average frequency of any sexual activity: 2 times per week
  • Average ability to achieve orgasm: .5 times per week

Keep in mind these are not clinical studies rather review studies so keeping a constant tab on other activities, diet, and mental state is not recorded. It appears as though there was an effort to participate in more sexual encounters but there doesn't seem to be any real relief from HSDD or FSD. Interestingly though one reviewer claimed to have their first orgasm during the period so that would be at least some positive.

Climestra Review Conclusion, Should you buy Climestra?

Women may definitely consider using Climestra in order to get a fillip to their dwindling sexual desire. Regular usage as per the instructions would definitely enhance the sexual experience and also increase the enjoyment during foreplay. As the pills work towards increasing blood flow into the genital region, the sexual sensations are intensified and also it hastens up the sexual arousal and holds the climax for a longer time. When there are so many positive aspects about its usage, it definitely is worthwhile to try the product. One may however choose to research a bit about the efficacy of the product and also find out if there are any discounts that come along with the purchase. A look into the reviews of the product will also elucidate on the benefits that the product would bring along. As there are no harmful side effects that the usage of Climestra might bring along, women who are disturbed with their sexual efficiency may decide to use this purely herbal product. We still strongly recommend taking a look at the other female sexual enhancer reviews before committing to this product.


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