About Feminine Review

FeminineReview is an independent business dedicated to product and service reviews. We specialize in all things related to women targeting areas that are normally uncomfortable to discuss in public. The internet is a great place to find information discreetly but consequently that also means that there are a lot of misleading websites and marketing campaigns as well.

We pride ourselves on being non-biased and independent. While FeminineReview does make money from types of advertising we do not push or sell customers in any direction rather provide valuable data on as many products or services in a category as possible.

FeminineReview is made up of 11 women all working professionals that dedicate our free time to helping and advising where we can. There is no charge for using this site and we'll keep it that way. Our review panel is all volunteer and made up from a bi-annual recruiting process. If you would like to volunteer please wait until the next recruiting process and we'll select you randomly from all submissions if you match the profile for the review. We do not charge our volunteer panel for products they review nor do we solicit responses from them.

If you have questions please use our contact form. If you would like to submit a product for a review please use our product review submission form.

Thank you,

FeminineReview Team