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Welcome from the editor

Welcome to Feminine Review. We are a non-biased committee of women who were fed up with product manufacturers, marketing companies, and vendors creating and publishing their own faux review sites where they can manage their image to the public with fictitious marketing material without any real review being done on their products. It's very hard now days to tell the real from the fake on the internet and when it comes to products primarily sold on the internet you can almost count on any information you find to be planted by the manufacturer or in some cases a competitor of the product you are searching.

The ugly truth of internet marketing

For example: I was searching for some homeopathic hair growth formulas about a year ago as I suffered hair loss after chemo therapy early last year. My first step was to do a search on google. The only documents I could find were all referring me to a single product even though I was looking for a DIY solution. I decided to do some research on this specific company and then found tons of review sites that either pointed towards this product or strongly urged another product and claimed this one was bogus. Something was fishy here. Being a programmer myself I knew how easy it would be to register a domain, build a fraudulent review site, and direct potential customers straight to my product without having to pay for advertising. After some time researching domains and what not I discovered that was exactly what was happening.

I spoke with my friends about this over coffee one day and we joked about making our own review site and weeding out the "BS" in a couple of industries and that was how Feminine Review was formed. Of course we do earn enough money to keep this site up and running and make charitable donations through some of the advertising and actually collect a small referral fee for products purchased when you follow our links to the manufacturer's site. But, it is all done in a legitimate way. Our reviewer's are chosen from our reader base and receive any product to be tested in an unmarked package with any product info removed and we never pay any fees to do the testing. This is the only way to do a true test of a product's actual effectiveness, usability, and safety factor. We have spent over a year testing intimate, private, and feminine products. It is more comfortable and discreet to shop online for some of these products and definitely easier. We hope to make that process easier, more informative, and safer for you. Make an informed decision and read our reviews before you decide to plop down money and be potentially disappointed, ripped off, or even worse, harmed by some of the bogus concoctions on the market today.

We also keep you informed with the latest and most up to date information about major industry releases, clinical trials, and FDA approval attempts within the pharmaceutical world like Flibanserin and LibiGel. Before you see your doctor about FSD or HSDD take a look at what options you have, what other women are saying, and what's working.

Thank you for visiting our site. Whether you're reading about female libido or female aphrodisiac feel comfortable if there are any questions or concerns to contact us or leave a comment on any of the pages you read though. If you are interested in joining our panel please go to our Reviewer's page and fill out the form and we'll contact you.


Elizabeth Spirely